Kladdkaka – The Swedish brownie

This post is a collaboration with Réka from The Holy Wisk blog.
I can’t exactly remember if she found me on Instagram, or I found her, but it turned out quickly, we have a lot in common.
What I really like about her blog, beyond that finally not an other everything – free diet blog, is that she often makes all the classic Hungarian dishes from my childhood. Layered potatoes, poppy seed bread pudding, golden walnut dumplings… just to mention a few lovely memories from my grandma’s kitchen.

Réka currently lives in the UK, but she used to work as a volunteer in Sweden, from where she brought the recipe of Kladdkaka, a.k.a. the Swedish brownie.
The preparation of this gooey chocolate cake literally takes 5 mins, doesn’t require baking skills, or even scale. All you need is a measuring jug and a mold.
You can find the recipe HERE in English, and in Hungarian as well.
The only change I made was doubled the proportions because I have a 23 cm diameter baking pan. I also grated some left over dark chocolate in the mixture.

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